Voltage history of male pattern baldness
09/04/06: Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL
w/ Lazer Crystal, The Diminisher
07/28/06: Subterranean -- Chicago, IL
The Show is the Rainbow, My Were They, Light Pollution
07/04/06: High Concept Laboratories -- Chicago, IL
Lazer Crystal, small CHANGE, The Killer Whales
07/02/06: CAID (Oh Shit Fest) -- Detroit, MI
w/ Night Toucher, Mammal, Perfect Weiners and Butts, Black Sperm, M. Sord, Viki, UvU
07/01/06: The Daac -- Grand Rapids, MI
w/ Man at Arms, Hombrinus Dudes
06/30/06: Elbow Room -- Ypsilanti, MI
06/28/06: A Converted Bus Venue from Oakland! -- Chicago, IL (parked at 3144 W. Carroll Ave)
w/ Portable Corners
05/07/06: Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL
w/ Erase Errata, Princess
05/02/06: Star Central -- Columbia Heights, MN
w/ Autonomy, ArcAngel, Gabriel and thee Apocolypse
05/01/06: VFW -- Fargo, ND
Venus in Furs, Drive O Dreamer, Castro, Fallback, Go Steve Jones
04/29/06: Dekum Meadows -- Portland, OR
04/27/06: Clinton Street Theater -- Portland, OR
w/ Alexis Stevens, Dragging an Ox thru Water, Chevron, Bastinado
04/26/06: The Lamplighter -- Vancouver, BC
Thousand Year Plan, Mothra, Musa
04/24/06: The Dip -- Redding, CA
w/ TBA
04/22/06: The Stork Club -- Oakland, CA
w/ Triangle, Clip'd Beaks
04/21/06: Il Corral -- Los Angeles, CA
w/ Toxic Holocaust, Ruido, Harasser
04/20/06: Scolari's Office -- San Diego, CA
w/ Duchesses/Birthday Indian Collab, Guest Toothbrush
04/19/06: Trunkspace -- Phoenix, AZ
w/ Father's Day, Tent City, Bikeula
04/18/06: Vaudeville Cabaret -- Tuscon, AZ
w/ Mickey Avalon, Dope Habitat
04/17/06: Monkey Mania -- Denver, CO
w/ The Love Letter Band, Two To Lose, The Big Greezley
04/16/06: Duffy's Tavern -- Lincoln, NE
w/ The Bad Sects
04/15/06: Sleeper Cellar -- Kansas City, MO
w/ Jumpman
04/14/06: The Ranch -- Columbia, MO
w/ The Body, Bone Dust, Flowers
04/08/06: Radio Cherokee -- St Louis, MO
w/ Parkers Back, Eric Hall
03/28/06: Hey Cadets -- Chicago, IL
w/ Extreme Animals, Safety Pin, Panda Express, Brotman & Short, DJ Rmizzy
03/10/06: Beat Kitchen -- Chicago, IL
w/ Orthrelm, Zombi
01/21/06: House Gathering -- Detroit, MI
w/ Night Toucher (Ex: Cat Time, Mommy Won't Wake Up, Superwow), Misty
01/20/06: Kitchen Distribution -- Buffalo, NY
w/ An Albatross, La Cacahouette
11/18/05: The Nightlight -- Chapel Hill, NC
w/ Dan Friel, Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan

also: live radio performance on WUAG 103.1 FM of Greensboro (time TBA).
11/17/05: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar -- Charlottesville, VA
w/ Dan Friel, Go
11/16/05: Ottobar -- Baltimore, MD
w/ Big Bear, Dan Friel, Blood Baby
11/15/05: TBA -- Philadelphia, PA
w/ Dan Friel, Big Bear
11/14/05: The Queen of Sheba II -- Philadelpiha, PA
w/ Dan Friel (of PnL), TBA
11/13/05: Great Scott -- Alston, MA
w/ Plastic Constellations, Dan Friel
11/12/05: Red Barn (Hampshire College) -- Amherst, MA
w/ Parts and Labor (P), Matt & Kim
11/11/05: Smog (Bard College) -- Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
w/ Pterodactyl (Y), Dan Friel (of PnL)
11/10/05: The Cake Shop -- New York, NY
w/ Pterodactyl (Y), Telepathe, The Good Good, Archeopteryx
11/09/05: NYC -- Probably playing somewhere in Brooklyn with Bonecrusher
11/08/05: Zoobizarre -- Montreal
w/ Desormais
11/07/05: The Bagel -- Toronto
w/ Sing That Yell That Spell, Dollarama
11/06/05: Sound Lab -- Buffalo, NY
w/ Lichens, Soft Circle, Grizzly Bear
11/05/05: The Painted Lady -- Hamtramck, MI
w/ USAisamonster, Kites, Tentacle Lizardo
11/04/05: Keep Co-Op halloween party (Oberlin College) -- Oberlin, OH
w/ Shopping Spree, Raven Rock, Abaddon, March of Dimes, Lovin It
10/25/05:wluw Radio -- Chicago
Live appearance on Think Pink w/ Erik & Ali (6-8pm)
10/17/05:Mac's Bar -- Lansing, MI
w/ Parts and Labor (P), Wildcatting, and Hot Pink Karma
10/16/05:Building the Bass Castle, Vol I release party at The Empty Bottle (8)
w/ Parts and Labor (P) and The Narrator , featuring DJ Harsh Nu Tru (Hunter Husar of Mahjongg)
10/11/05: Hey Cadets!
w/ Books on Tape, The Show is the Rainbow
08/27/05: Ronnies -- Chicago, IL
w/ Pterodactyl (Y)
08/20/05: Camp Gay final show! -- Chicago, IL
Camp Gay versus Starbucks
w/ Parts and Labor (P), Lazer Crystal, everybody
07/30/05: Tastee Freeze -- Chicago, IL
w/Lazer Crystal, Mass Shivers, Beau Wanzer, Chandeliers, Michael Columbia, Magas, The Killer Whales
07/04/05: The Empty Bottle (8) -- Chicago, IL
w/ The Narrator , Make Believe
06/02/05: Fireside Bowl -- Chicago, IL
w/ n0 things (ex Liars, HiM),
DJ Harsh Nue Tru (Hunter Husar of Mahjongg)
04/11/05: The Empty Bottle (8) -- Chicago, IL
w/ By The End of Tonight, NineteenEightyThousand
04/08/05: The Grog Shop -- Cleveland, OH
w/ Parts and Labor (P), Jerk, Becket and Friends
04/07/05: Hi Five -- Columbus, OH
w/ Parts and Labor (P)
03/05/05: Camp Gay -- Chicago, IL
w/ USAisamonster, Panoply
01/25/05: The Subterranean -- Chicago, IL
w/ Mass Shivers
11/09/04: The Empty Bottle (E) -- Chicago, IL
w/ OOIOO, Pit er Pat
8/14/04: The Shack -- Grand Rapids, MI
w/ Superwow, Bang! Bang! (D), Lake Success, Invisible Mansion
8/03/04: Town Hall Pub -- Chicago, IL
w/ Pterodactyl (Y)
7/27/04: Camp Gay -- Chicago, IL
Extreme Animals, Dr. Doo (C), Voltage BATTLE ROYALE CAGE MATCH!!!
5/01/04: The Empty Bottle (8) -- Chicago, IL
w/ Death From Above (9), Rants, The Sights
4/28/04: The Glass Nickel -- Madison, WI
w/ Aquadora
4/27/04: The Brick (6) -- Kansas City, MO
4/25/04: Radio Cherokee (5) -- St. Louis, MO
w/ Bloodletters, The Arch
4/24/04: The Ranch -- Columbia, MO
w/ Tracy and the Plastics (7), The Quails (X), Barr (V)
4/23/04: University of Kentucky (Artsplace) -- Lexington, KY
4/22/04: Rudyard Kipling (U) -- Louisville, KY
w/ Big Kitchen, Immaculate Contraption, Scull Soup, Third Leg
4/21/04: Pilot Light (4) -- Knoxville, TN
w/ Kamuy
4/20/04: Springwater Supper Club (Q) -- Nashville, TN
w/ Primate Stories, JC and the Special Rider
4/17/04: Meridian -- Colonial Willie-burg, Virginia
w/ Pterodactyl (Y), Semaphore Signals
4/16/04: Nightlight (N) -- Chapel Hill, NC
w/ Pterodactyl (Y)
4/14/04: House Party -- Charlottesville, VA
w/ Pterodactyl (Y)
4/13/04: Talking Head (2) -- Baltimore, MD
w/ Pterodactyl (Y), Temp Sound Solution, New Age Hillbilly
4/12/04: Silk City -- Philadelphia, PA
w/ Pterodactyl (Y), Coyote
4/11/04: Tommy's Tavern -- Brooklyn, NY
w/ Pterodactyl (Y), Superwow, Feast
4/10/04: Rutgers University -- Rutgers, NJ
w/ Parts and Labor (P), Others
4/9/04: Asterisk (K) -- Brooklyn, NY
Bushwick Blast Festival (L)
w/ Parts and Labor (P), Touchdown, Sabers (1), Pengo (E), World of Tomorrow (W), Drayton Sawyer Gang (O)
4/8/04: All-Purpose Room -- Rochester, NY
w/ Superwow, Hilkka
4/7/04: Poland -- Oberlin, OH
w/ Superwow
4/6/04: Bernie's (J) -- Columbus, OH
w/ Superwow
4/5/04: Soundlab (S) -- Buffalo, NY
w/ Superwow, Peter B (R), Metalux (M)
4/3/04: Garfield Artworks (G) -- Pittsburgh, PA
w/ Superwow, Handface, Dread Nots
4/2/04: Detroit Art Space (A) -- Detroit, MI
w/ Superwow, The Trolls
4/1/04: The DAAC Gallery (T) -- Grand Rapids, MI
w/ Superwow
------ Utilize mousz peripherals after this dot -------> .
3/12/04: ">Gunther Murphy's
Thax presents w/ Wilkie Surprise, Swimmer Missing, Passenger
2/19/04: Mutiny Chicago (the mini-pitchers will twist your cap back)
w/ The NervOus
2/14/04: ">The DAAC Gallery -- Grand Rapids
w/ Superwow, Invisible Mansion
----The Year of Our Lord 2003----
10/31/03: ">Camp Gay "Halloween is Fruity"
w/ ">Tyondai Braxton , Paper and Labor
10/30/03: University of Chicago
w/ ">Tyondai Braxton , Parts and Labor
8/15/03: The Shack -- Grand Rapids
w/ Mommy Won't Wake Up, Cat Time, Superwow, Invisible Mansion
8/1/03: ">Fireside Bowl
w/ ">Grand Ulena , Guns Blazing (and puking)
4/2/03: 2003 BEIGE Cassette Jockey World Championship @ Camp Gay
w/ Gay Nerds (in a head to head versus battle), DJ Cougar Shuttle, others
2/28/03: 2003 Chicago Nerd Battle Invitationals @ Camp Gay
w/ parts and labor, crush kill destroy plus NERDS!
2/27/03: empty bottle -- chicago, il
w/ parts and labor, mc paul barman, christiansen
2/26/03: state control records -- ann arbor, mi
w/ parts and labor, heat lightning,
bloodline caligraphy
2/25/03: lager house -- detroit, mi
w/ parts and labor
2/24/03: black eye -- cleveland, oh
w/ parts and labor, this moment in black history,
brian straw, doc toxic & the medicine cabinet
2/23/03: poland -- oberlin, oh
w/ parts and labor, kurt mask, brian straw
2/22/03: cindy -- pittsburgh, pa
w/ parts and labor
2/21/03: big orbit soundlab -- buffalo, ny
w/ parts and labor, kurt mask
2/20/03: knitting factory -- new york, ny
"groundswell" cd release party
w/ parts and labor, breaker! breaker!, antelope
1/12/03: office ops -- brooklyn, ny
w/ Coptic Light, Single Unit, Grandpa's Ghost
1/5/03: Empty Bottle
w/ Single Unit
----The Year of Our Lord 2002 "OH S;);(T, IT's THE BOLTS!"----
8/8/02: Empty Bottle
w/ Golden, Sean na na, Pearly Sweet and the Platonics
7/26/02: the local (aka rock star bar) -- brooklyn, ny
w/ neptune, parts and labor, teenanderthal, dynasty, square johns, beckett
6/4/02: Empty Bottle
First Show YAI! w/ The NervOus
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